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Whether you have a commercial or residential application, ensuring that you have adequate flow and pressure to all outlets is a key requirement. Many new builds or refurbishments do not have adequate mains supply capacity which as a limiting factor can be a costly and difficult problem to resolve.  The Challis Booster system can solve this problem quickly efficiently and more importantly cost effective.  The Challisbooster system provides a building own dedicated water storage reservoir and pumping station, completely independent from the incoming mains supply and its associated limitations.


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How The Challis Boost Increases Pressure and Flow to All Your Outlets

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I Have a Shower With Very Low Water Pressure & Flow What Can I Do?

The Challis Booster uses inherent pressure within the water supply at times of low demand to store and lock that pressurised water in an accumulator vessel to be available for use later at times of high demand. If your mains water pressure is low 24 hours a day (ie some areas of London and Greater London have very high water demand) then you can use the Challis Booster plus jockey pump to add that extra boost in pressure to your stored water supply.

I Have Low Water Flow What Can I Do?

Water Flow is dependant on your pipe size. Small pipework equals small water flow. Because the Challis Booster stores water in a vessel under pressure you can fit whatever size outlet pipe to the vessel you like, so you can easily increase the available flow in your home to cope with as many bathrooms as you like.

I Have a Low Water Pressure Shower What Can I Do to Improve It?

Fitting a Challis Booster will increase flow and pressure throughout your home, not just your showers, so you can have power showers all over your home if you want.

How do I fit a Challis Booster in my property?

Fitting the Challis Booster system is simplicity in itself as it is a straight forward in line fit, however, we do recommend that the Challis Booster is fitted by a qualified plumber.
Full installation instructions are available to download in our instruction Manual

My Main Water Supply Pipe Into My Home Is Too Small What Can I Do?

Small diameter mains supply into your home will limit your flow. By fitting a Challis Booster you can have whatever size outlet pipe you like from your Challis Booster cylinder so you can easily increase the available flow in your home to cope with as many bathrooms as you like.


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Increased Water Pressure & Flow To All Outlets

Technical & Installation Manual

For full specification, sizes, capacities, accessories along with full detailed installation and commissioning instructions why not download our new Tech & Installation Manual

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