What is a lease?

A lease is a rental agreement where the lessee rents the equipment from the

lessor for a regular monthly rental. Title and deed to the equipment is retained

by the lessor.

How long is the agreement?

The agreement can be tailored to client-specific requirements to match replacement

or refurbishment policy. Terms can be from 18 to 60 months.

How do I pay the rentals?

Rentals are normally paid monthly by Direct debit or standing order.

Is VAT payable on rentals?

VAT at the current rate is paid on all rentals.

Are lease rentals tax allowable?

Lease rentals are normally classed as a business expense and as such are

normally 100% allowable.

How do I save on my water bills?

Water-saving technology in our products reduces your overall water usage and

bills whilst maintaining performance.

How do I save on my energy bills?

Water-saving technology in our products reduces your overall water usage. As

you use less water the requirement for energy to heat that water is reduced as

are the utility bills.

How do I save on my maintenance bills?

If you opt for the supply, fit & maintain contract quarterly maintenance visits are

included in the rental cutting your maintenance bill significantly.

Can I terminate the agreement?

You can terminate the contract at any time.

What is involved in supply & fit?

As the contract name suggests we only supply the units and fit them.

What is involved in supply, fit & maintain?

With this contract in addition to supplying and fitting the units a regular quarterly

maintenance visit by our qualified staff is included in the rental.

Can I get other products on the Challis WaterGuard Scheme?

We normally restrict a product to units we know and approve however we would

consider looking at well-established products with proven reliability.

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